Change Proposal Topic: Re-implementation of Bedside Shift Report

Change Proposal Topic: Re-implementation of Bedside Shift Report

Submit Section I – VII of your change proposal, Your rough draft should be in APA format for instructor review and feedback.

Parts I – IV is completed in the paper attached below called rough draft. Please now include parts V – VII to the paper. For instructions of parts V – VII please look at the Capstone guidelines and rubric attached below for what is needed to be done. We made an outline for parts VI – VII which is attached below that can be edited and added to the rest of the rough draft. Part V hasn’t been done yet and also needs to be added. Please be thorough and provide evidence based facts.

Change Proposal Outline

Time and Resource Allocation

Several factors must be considered in the process of implementing the proposed change of bedside shift report (BSR). Time and availability of resources are the most important factors that should be considered. The success of implementing BSR as per the change proposal depends on customized planning and the resources available for use. Selecting the appropriate timeline allows the change management teams to pull together the necessary resources. It also promotes the participation of key stakeholders in the change implementation process.

The resources required for the implementation of the proposed change include digital telehealth equipment, additional manpower, as well as financial resources. Resources to facilitate extensive research are also required for the change implementation process. Financial resources are the most crucial in this process because everything else depends on the availability of sufficient funds. However, the required resources must be verified and approved by the board of directors at the facility before the change implementation process is officiated. For this reason, the timeframe must be designed to accommodate consultation with key stakeholders. The most appropriate timeframe, therefore, is six months beginning from the approval date for the change implementation project. Below is a detailed schedule of the activities to be undertaken, the resources and the time allocated for each activity.

Stage Activity Resources Timeframe
Unfreezing Planning 3 specialists 1 week
Research to identify the appropriate implementation strategy. 2 specialists

5 nurse leaders

2 weeks
Nurse and Patient education 3 nurse leaders

4 trainers

4 weeks
Changing Policy Formulation to accommodate BSR. 5 contracted specialists. 1 week
Acquisitions for the required digital devices and contracting. 10 laptops

50 telehealth devices

2 weeks
Pilot Project; testing the proposed BSR reimplementation change on a small population. 2 Nurse leadership teams.

10 Volunteers (Patients and relatives).

5 weeks
Change implementation; implementing BSR in the entire facility. 5 Nurse leadership teams.

50 Volunteers (Patients and relatives).

8 weeks
Refreezing Policy formulation to prevent reverting to old habits. 4 contracted specialists.

2 board members

5 nurse leaders.

1 week
Monitoring and evaluation to ascertain the effectiveness of BSR. Financial resources

5 nurse leaders

2 weeks
Policy adjustments to promote the effectiveness of the re-implemented BSR. 3 nurse leaders

4 contracted specialists

1 healthcare manager

1 week
Project closing. 5 nurse leaders

2 Healthcare managers

1 board member.

1 week


In conclusion, the proposed change concerns the re-implementation of bedside shift reporting to enhance the quality of services offered to patients. The proposed change is consistent with modern nurse informatics systems thus it’s very relevant. Also, the proposed change will be implemented as per Lewin’s theory of change management to ensure that the process runs smoothly. The anticipated outcome is an improvement in the communication between nurses, patients, and their relatives. The implementation process is scheduled to be completed by the end of 6 six months from the approval date.


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