Can you help me with my assessment in BSBINN502 TASK 3. I have chosen “TWITTER” as the company topic.

A. Form a project team of three people (yourself and two stakeholders that use the workspace).

B. With your project team, confirm a profile of the organisation in which the workspace is located; including:

a description of the workspace
a brief organisational profile
organisational goals and objectives
why innovation is important for this organisation.
C. Develop evaluation criteria. With your project team, brainstorm a list of at least five design points that foster innovation in a workspace.

D. Evaluate the workspace. With your project team, identify any physical challenges and barriers to innovation presented by the workspace and evaluate the chosen workspace against the criteria developed in Step 3 using a rating system.

E. Identify solutions. With your project team, brainstorm solutions as a group that will address deficiencies in design points identified in your evaluation. Be sure to record the rationale for each solution, any inspiration/sources for these solutions (you can cite inspirations from the internet, magazines, site visits, etc.), any external assistance required to implement the solutions, approximate costs, and sketches of the proposed changes (these may be hand-drawn sketches, computer-generated diagrams, photos or videos).

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