Calculate the followings:

Calculate the followings:

Samsung manufactures cellular phones at a processing cost of $204 per unit.
Currently, the company produces an average of 2011 phones per day, 88 percent of which are good-quality phones, resulting in 12 percent defective phones, 66 percent of which can be reworked. The cost of reworking a defective phone is $74.

They also consider a quality improvement initiative: They can replace a plastic component with a metal one which increases the initial cost of processing phone to $210, but the percentage of defective items decreases to 12 percent. With this quality improvement option, nothing else would be different from the current situation (for example the cost of rework and the percentage of defectives that can be reworked stay the same).

Calculate the followings:

Number of units reworked daily with current situation

Daily product yield with current situation

Effective production cost per unit with current situation

With the current situation, if the company wants the yield to be 2000, how many phones they should process daily?

Number of units reworked daily with suggested quality improvement option

Daily product yield with suggested quality improvement option

Effective production cost per with suggested quality improvement option

Should Samsung should take the suggested quality improvement initiative?


Calculate the following

Calculate the followings:

Calculate the followings:







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