As the text defines it, cloud computing is a service whereby organizations obtain their computer power and software applications via the internet.

There has been a developing trend in computing called “Cloud Computing.” In other words, rather than investing in building an information systems infrastructure, some organizations have chosen to “rent” it from an outside company. In this case, the equipment sits in the “cloud” at the service provider’s data center. is an example of an outside company that offers cloud computing service. In fact, they are one of the major players in the space (yes, they’ve come a long way from just selling books). You may have also heard of a company called which is another big player in this arena.

Here’s an excellent article on the subject. Measured in technology time, it’s a bit dated but still worth the read-

Some questions to ponder (remember to post references):

1) Do you think cloud computing can still be considered an “emerging” technology or has it gone mainstream? Why?

2) What are some of the risks and benefits of “cloud” computing?

3) What types of organizations do you think can benefit most from this offering?

4) Why would a company like or venture into this business?

5) What do you think the future holds for cloud computing?

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