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1) nursing knowledge or practice, —–250 words each topic

2) access to care ————————–250 words each topic

3) patient safety—————————–250 words each topic

4) quality of care,—————————250 words each topic

GNRS 5349 Informatics and Quality Improvement

Health Information Technology/Trend Paper

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to provide students the opportunity to investigate a healthcare informatics technology trend/new technology and analyze its impact on patient care and/or nursing practice.

Process: Review the literature on new technologies or trends in healthcare informatics technology. Choose a topic that your group has identified through your own search or pick one of those listed below. Ideally it will be relevant to your group’s clinical area or patient population. Check with your designated faculty member for approval of your topic. Thoroughly investigate the technology/trend.

Content: Write a paper (8 to 10 pages) that analyzes the chosen technology or trend and its impact on:

Nursing knowledge and/or practice

Access to care

Patient safety (e.g. improvement of care through limiting errors, etc.)

Quality of care (e.g. how is it better than what is being done or used currently)

Consider cost, ease of use, interoperability, availability, education/training needs of staff and/or patients, potential ethical issues, potential privacy issues, regulatory issues.

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Analysis (40 points)


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