AUG and AUA triplets encode methionine and isoleucine, respectively


In most organisms, AUG and AUA triplets encode methionine and isoleucine, respectively. This is the only case in the standard genetic code where codons that code for two different amino acids are separated only by bases of the same type at the third position. The strategy for the assignment of AUG codons to methionine and AUA codons to isoleucine represents a striking case of interspecies variation (Blanquet et al., 2005, Grosjean and Bjork, 2004).” Jones et al. (2008). Mol Cell. 29(3):401. a. (6 points) The anticodon CAU normally would recognize both AUG and AUA. What hypothesis accounts for multiple codons recognized by a single anticodon? b. (6 points) Studies in Mycoplasma penetrans show that a tRNA-Ile recognizes AUA and a separate tRNA-Met recognizes AUG. The tRNAs are different in the acceptor stem. Why is it necessary that methionyl-tRNA synthetase be able to distinguish between the two tRNAs? c. (8 points) If the anticodons are the same for both tRNAs, explain how discriminator regions might help the tRNAs find the proper codon. article link:


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