Term Paper

Term Paper

Term papers are research assignments that are written by students over an academic semester that account for a considerable part of the entire grade.   Term papers present a concept, describe an event or argue a point. When writing term paper students should discuss the topic in detailed and should present original work and following the writing styles as per instructor’s guidelines.

Writing term paper requires extensive research because it makes up for a large part of the grade, one there will need to be familiar with writing skills and plan to score the highest score. If you are unfamiliar with this, you will not be able to write a great term paper which can lead to you failing the course.

Steps on how to write a great term paper.

As a student, you cannot avoid writing a term paper at least in every course in the course of the semester, and this assignment will amount to a considerable part of the final grade. Knowing the process of writing a term paper will also determine the grades you will get.  The following are some simple guidelines that will help you write a good term paper.

Select a topic and pick specific examples

Conduct thorough research of the subject

List down the main points on the subject

Prepare a draft

Write your term paper

Proofread and edit the document

Prepare a cover page

The format of a Term paper

Abstract – This is a short description of your term paper. It describes the concept, issues or the findings that will be elaborated by the paper.

Introduction – an introduction states the thesis of the term paper, it should give the reader an impression of what to expect from the rest of the article. A good introduction should provide a good background of the paper and convince the reader to continue reading

Methods – this should indicate the research methods used to gather information and the concept concern the relevant information and its’ utility.

Results and Discussion – the student should indicate the findings and discuss the observations made. Then a summary of the findings and outline recommendations to solve the issue or the problem.

Conclusion – The conclusion should restate the thesis of the paper and indicate the consequences of the finds and the recommendations.


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Research Paper

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Nursing papers.

Nursing papers.

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