 Backgound information of your interview subject (age, sex, current career information, anything else that you would think relevant to describe your subject).

Task 1

Interview a classmate on a career path related to biological psychology that appeal most to him or her. Write a short report on the outcome of your interview. Your report must contain:

 Reasons for your subject’s preference in the chosen career path in biological psychology: background knowledge of the career path, future plan, and income.

Task 2 Researchs in the field of biological psychology most of the time require the use of animals for testing.

a) Describe 4 cases a number of cases where animals are needed to conduct studies. (20 marks)

b) What ethical considerations should guide you when performing studies on non-human animals? (provide a minimum of five reasons) (20 marks)

c) Explain how ethical considerations for the use of animals in research differ from the ones used for human subjects? (provide a minimum of five reasons)


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